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Divine Drinking

Discover the Mythical Realm of Holy BREW

London's Newest Speakeasy



Parvati Potion

Gin, Yuzu, Vanilla, Orange bitters, Clove

Kama's Kiss (Palermo)

Spiced rum, Sauvignon Blanc, Pineapple, cane sugar

Veda (Old Fashion)

Bulliet Rye, Jaggery, Star anise, Cocoa bitters

Moksha (Corpse Reviver)

Eldorado 12 years, Copeland Smugglers Reserve, Falermum Velvet liqueur, Bitters

Maya's Mango (Margarita)

Olmeca Altos, Lemon juice, Mango syrup, Triple sec, Amchoor

Lakshmi Rose (Martini)

Hendricks Lunar, Vermouth, cardamom, Rose

Sacred Whisky (Sour)

Highland whisky, Egg white, Sesame seeds, Lime, Cinnamon

Vayu’s Vodka (Mule)

Titos Vodka, Spiced ginger syrup, Lime, Ginger beer

Brahma’s Blood Moon (Cosmopolitan)

Ciroc pomegranate, Pomegranate molasses, Cointreau

Agni’s Agave (Hinesburg)

Tequilla, Dry Vermouth, Blue curcao, Absinthe

Rati’s Rum Riddle - RRR

Rum, Absinthe Mist, Fennel, Elderflower, Grapefruit

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